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The Aconcagua, with its 6962 m of altitude, is more than the highest mountain in the Andes. It is the highest mountain in the Americas, the highest mountain outside of the major Asian mountain ranges and the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere. It is also a mandatory destination for those who are making the Seven Summits Project, which consists of climbing the highest mountain of each continent. Aconcagua is visited every year by thousands of mountaineers towards the achievement of their goals and personal dreams.
The greatness of this mountain is reflected in the several existing routes and variants, with different levels of difficulty. The purpose of this expedition is the ascent of Aconcagua by the Normal Route of the Quebrada de Horcones, the most accessible and frequented of all. Despite not having technical difficulties and not requiring climbing, the Aconcagua Normal Route cannot be underestimated, not be considered a mere trekking. The unstable and harsh climate, with strong winds and low temperatures, and the extreme altitude require a suitable acclimatization schedule, the use of appropriate equipment and clothing and a previous experience in the high mountain environment.
With a duration of 20 days, the expedition provide the necessary logistical requirements for a safe ascent, adopting personalized strategy to maximize the chances of success.

Marcelo Motta Delvaux

january 2016

Our tour place Argentina. Distance example Budapest-Aconcagua-Budapest with airplane 12.500km. Map.

We operation our tour december to february.

Travelling with airplane, start from your local airport.

Our tour 1 mountainguides move with 1-3 persons.

Mountainguide: Marcelo Motta Delvaux 10x Aconcagua(6962m), AAGPM (member of the argentinian professional mountainguide association) and AAGM (member of the argentinian mountainguide association
Mountainguides on the site, Argentina, Mendoza await your arrival.


1 day.Flight to Mendoza. Overnight at hotel.
2 day.Mendoza. To rent and organization of equipment and supplies purchases. Overnight at hotel.
3 day.Mendoza-Penitentes. Departure at 10:00 in a private transport to Penitents. Arrival at 13:00 and accommodation in a hotel. Acclimatization walking at the afternoon and return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.
4 day.Penitentes-Confluencia. Departure at 9:00 in a private transport to Aconcagua Provincial Park. After the registration procedure with the park authorities, we will start walking from the Horcones Lagoon (2950 m) to the intermediate camp Confluencia (3390 m), a 7 km route with a duration of 3 to 4 hours. Mules will carry the equipment and supplies, each client will transport only his personal items, water and snack.
5 day.Confluencia-Plaza Francia-Confluencia. Day for an acclimatization walking, round trip, to Plaza Francia (4200 m), located 10 km from Confluencia, where we can appreciate the impressive south face of Aconcagua, with nearly 3000 m height!
6 day.Confluence-Plaza de Mulas. We will walk to the base camp at Plaza de Mulas (4350 m), located 18 km from Confluence. It will be nearly a thousand meters gap to overcome, in a duration of 7 to 9 hours. Mules will carry the equipment and supplies, each client will transport only his personal items, water and snack.
7 day.Plaza de Mulas. Rest day for organization of equipment and supplies.
8 day.Ascension to Cerro Bonete. As part of the process of acclimatization to altitude ascend the Cerro Bonete (5004 m), located opposite the Plaza de Mulas and where we will have a privileged view of the west face of Aconcagua and the normal route.
9-15 day.Ascent to Aconcagua. The next 8 days will be for acclimatization and the final assault to the summit. We will rise progressively by the normal route, making the transport of equipment and supplies to the advanced camps. The strategy will be done in a personalized way, following the experience and technical and physical preparation of each member of the group and may be modified during the expedition to adapting to the altitude. The following camps will be used during the acclimatization process: Canada (4900 m), Nido de Condores (5400 m) and Colera (6000 m). The assault to the summit will be made from Nido de Condores or Colera, depending on the strategy adopted and the group condition.
16-17 day.Extras days. The schedule provides two extra days to manage problems of acclimatization or bad weather that may require a modification of the adopted strategy.
18 day.Penitentes-Mendoza. Return walking from Plaza de Mulas to the park entrance at Horcones, where we will take a private transport to Penitentes. After we get the baggage carried by mules, we will return to Mendoza in a private transport. Overnight at hotel.
19 day.Mendoza-Home. Rest day and devolution of the rented equipment. Return flight to home.

* this description guide to what you can expect in the general case. We reserve the right to make from this case and to the extent necessary to deviate. The reason for the discrepancy program to program participants such as physical fitness, weather conditions, etc. A mountain guide in consultation with the participants of the tour site may take this decision.
Physicality requirements
What is the suitable physicality? We mean, if you run 10km, with 4-6 minutes per kilometer, it is adequate.
Before you hike the Kilimanjaro, we recommend that you look around in other, but a little lower mountains. Not obligatory, but much better for you, if you was climbed example a few other mountains.
We recommend you, that before the Kilimanjaro hiking, get a full medical examination.

Important along the phisycality to the succesfull Kilimanjaro hiking the acclimatization. What is the acclimatization? The process of adapting the organization to the high altitude hypoxic environment. How to achieve the status acclimated? Kilimanjaro is recommended before the other two or three thousand meters of altitude to spend 2-3 nights to make the site a better acclimatization.

Full cost: 3.890USD.

What is including in the price:

3 nights in Mendoza.
1 night in Penitentes.
Private transportation from Mendoza to Penitentes, round trip.
Private transportation from Penitentes to the Aconcagua Provincial Park, round trip.
Mules to transport equipment (30 kg per person) from Penitentes to Plaza de Mulas round trip.
Food (full board) at the Confluencia camp.
Food (full board) at the Plaza de Mulas base camp.
Food (full board) at Canada, Nido de Condores and Colera camps.
1 mountain tent for two people, for use during the expedition.
Hyperbaric chamber and emergency oxygen at the Plaza de Mulas base camp.
Restaurant tent with tables, chairs and electricity at the Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas camps.
Bathroom at Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas camps.
Certified mountain guide: Marcelo Delvaux.
Certificate assistant mountain guide (for groups with 4 to 6 people).
Support in Mendoza for equipment rental and getting climbing permission.
For use during the expedition:
Medical equipment oximeter and first aid kit.
Consulting for personal planning and support for the purchase of equipment and organization of individual logistics.

NOT incuding:

Air ticket.
International travel insurance (mandatory).
Satellite phone calls (the credits must be purchased in advance, before the beginning of the expedition).
Personal equipment.
Costs resulting from early departure or rescue.
Meals and drinks at Mendoza and Penitentes.
Drinks at Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas camps.
Tips, gratuities and other personal expenses.
Admission fee to the Aconcagua Provincial Park.
Porters services for the advanced camps.
Other services not explicitly listed in the program.

Every year in from start of december to end of february. Many free places. Application form.